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Family legal matters can feel overwhelming

It’s not unusual for families to be unsure of the process and fearful of the outcome. Ford Family Law is here to help. We’re a compassionate but results-focused group of attorneys. We listen, then devise an appropriate strategy that enables our clients to find the most efficient path forward. We’ve dedicated our careers to helping families minimize stress and get on with their lives.


A singular focus on family law

Ford Family Law is dedicated to the practice of family law in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. We provide mediation, litigation, and consulting services in the areas of marital dissolution, child custody and support, spousal support, paternity, domestic partnerships, stepparent adoption, and complex property division. LEARN MORE

Ford Family Law attorneys believe that successful outcomes depend on big-picture thinking, tough advice and expert court advocacy when necessary.

The optimal path forward

Family law matters are complex, so an effective and time-tested process is critical. We’ve spent over 20 years perfecting our approach. What are the do’s and don’t’s of custody during a divorce? What tax implications need to be considered? How do we begin to unravel shared assets? We keep clients on track and informed about the issues they need to consider—and the decisions they need to make—from day one.

The Team

Complex family law matters often intersect with business, tax, estate, and employment issues. We collaborate with our experienced network of professionals when subject-matter experience is required in a specialized field. These relationships enable us to provide strategic advice and help us create integrated, innovative solutions. Virtually all of Ford Family Law’s new client inquiries result from referrals—a testament to our expertise and the strength of our relationships.

When you are ready to move forward, please get in touch with us at 510-835-9000 or by email at [email protected].

Consider your options

To achieve a positive outcome, it’s essential to have a strong and natural fit with your legal team. Ford Family Law attorneys believe that successful outcomes depend on big-picture thinking and tough advice—not aggression. We focus on finding the path that achieves the best possible result while minimizing damage to families along the way.

We encourage all our prospective clients to meet with multiple law firms before deciding on an attorney. Look through our frequently-asked-questions page for examples of issues you may want to discuss with potential legal partners.