Name changes

Name changes

Jennifer Lopez recently responded to the petition for divorce filed by her soon-to-be former spouse, Mark Anthony.

In California, the response is due 30 days after being served with the petition.  However, parties can and often do agree to an alternate date.  (Be sure to have an agreement, or the petitioner can take your default!)

Ms. Lopez has asked that she retake her maiden name, Jennifer Lopez, and leave “Muniz” with Mr. Anthony (real surname Muniz).

Name changes are one only one of the items to address on your dissolution petition (item 7(i) or response (item 9(i)).  Either party can change their name after the divorce, but it requires an additional step.  Name changes in conjunction with the dissolution may save time and money.

This blog will later address other items found in the Petition and Response.

Before filing your Petition or Response, be sure to speak a qualified family law attorney.